Mental Health Awareness Week: 9th to 15th May

Smokefree City & Hackney is running a stop smoking campaign to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week (9th to 15th May 2022).


You might not think it, but smoking does NOT help to relieve stress.

We’ve all heard people saying that smoking helps them relax. In a way it’s true because when they smoke, they relieve the stress of their nicotine craving.

In fact, every time a smoker finds relief in a cigarette, they line themselves up for the next round of cravings which need the relief of a cigarette. If that’s not stressful, what is?

Someone giving up smoking

Smokefree City & Hackney can help you break this endless cycle.

For support to quit contact us on 0800 046 9946 or via our website.

Published: May 4, 2022