Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy

Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy (VROT) now available in Hackney Marshes Primary Care Network

VROT is available to support people who are employed with physical and/or mental health problems to return to work, or prevent time away from work.

It can help improve experience of health at work, increase self-management of conditions, consider adjustments to work role.

What to expect:

  • Advice and support on returning to work
  • Guidance on self-management of condition
  • Advice on helpful adjustments to work role/environment
  • Personalised work support plan
  • Option for the individual to be supported with communicating the advice to their employer (if agreed by individual and beneficial only)

Referral criteria:

  • Aged 18 and over, and registered at Hackney Marshes GP practice (Athena Medical Centre, Kingsmead Healthcare, Latimer Health Centre, The Lea Surgery, Lower Clapton Group Practice)
  • A physical and/or mental health problem that would benefit from the support. Examples include joint, bone or muscle problems/conditions, anxiety, low mood, work related stress
  • In employment and received a ‘not fit’ fit note to sign off work
  • In employment and received a ‘not fit’ fit note in last 3 months, and experiencing work related issues that would benefit from support

Please note: Occupational Therapy can provide focussed intervention for 1-6 sessions.

How to be referred:

Please contact your GP who can refer to Emma Borthwick, Occupational Therapist