Coronary Heart Disease

How the practice can help

Simply let us know if you would like to take part in our Heart Programme. This can be:

  • via our online form
  • Pop into the surgery and speak to the receptionist or mention it to the doctors or nurses at your next consultation
  • Phone us on 020 8986 3106
  • Text us with name and date of birth

Practice care

The nurses carry out the standard health checks including your BP etc. However, if you are having symptoms such as chest pain, it is important that you see the doctor.
Checks done in the practice
The practice should check the following once a year, more often if abnormal.



  • Smoking status, and all patients who smoke to be advised to stop.
  • Blood pressure, aiming for a level of 150/90 or less
  • Medication review – patients with ischaemic heart disease (coronary heart disease) should be prescribed aspirin and a beta blocker ( eg atenolol or bisoprolol) unless they are not able to tolerate these drugs.
  • If a patient has had a heart attack, they should be prescribed an ACE inhibitor ( eg lisinopril or ramipril);
  • Blood tests
  • Cholesterol level, aiming for a level of 5 or less.
  • Serum creatinine as a measure of kidney function


All patients should have the flu jab in autumn.

Find out more about Coronary Heart Disease from the NHS Choices Website