Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy


Are you having difficulties with your health and work?

Have you been signed off work with a Note Fit note?


Are you Employed?

Support is available for people with physical or mental health problems, who are employed, to return to work or prevent time away from work.

Are you Unemployed?

Support and guidance are available signposts and advise you to help seek employment or build on learning and skills in preparation for seeking employment.


Referral criteria

  • Aged 18 +, registered at a Hackney Marshes GP practice.
  • A physical and/or mental health problem that is impacting your ability to return to or maintain your job role. E.g. Joint, bone or muscle conditions, anxiety, low mood, work related stress.
  • You are employed and have a current or recent fit note, and/or having difficulty at work or struggling to return to work.
  • Unemployed with motivation to seek employment or build upon skills readying for employment.

What to expect?

The OT can work with you and provide focused intervention for 1-6 sessions.

  • To understand the impact of your condition on your work.
  • Guidance on self-management of your condition
  • Advice on helpful work adjustments to support you in returning to work.
  • Make a plan to return to work.
  • Option for the individual to be supported with communicating the advice to their employer (if agreed by the individual and helpful)
  • Signposting or onward referrals to other services for support.

What do our patients say?

  • “[The Occupational Therapist] listened to me and I felt she really cared and has helped and given advice. Thank you so much.”
  • “I've had a brilliant experience with my OT sessions. They've been very helpful for me in managing illness.”
  • “All I can say is thank you very much for what you have done for me including your follow up and instructions.”
  • “[The Occupational Therapist] was fantastic in helping me return to work and making the transition into my new job as smooth as possible.”

Please contact your GP practice who can refer you to Victoria Signorelli, Occupational Therapist.