Primary Care GP Extended Access Centres

There are now Extra GP appointments in the evenings and at weekends available to City and Hackney patients.

Urgent and routine appointments with a GP, either same day or in advance are available at any one of our five primary care GP practices, making it much easier to get the care you need at a location that is convenient for you.


Who can access the service?

Patients registered with a City and Hackney GP practice can book an appointment at the service through their GP practice. These appointments are not suitable for all types of problems. (NB This is not a walk-in service)


What are the opening times?

The opening hours are 4pm - 8pm weekdays and 8am - 8pm weekends and Bank Holidays.


How do I book an appointment?

For now you book an appointment by contacting your own GP practice however, direct booking is in the pipeline.

Extra evening and weekend appointments available at:

  Opening Times
Nightingale Practice
10 Kenninghall Road
London E5 8BY
Saturday 2.00pm - 8.00pm
The Hoxton Surgery
12 Rushton Street
Hoxton N1 5DR
Saturday 8.00am - 2.00pm
Lea Surgery
186 Homerton High Street
London E9 6AG
Sunday 8.00am - 2.00pm
The Neaman Practice
15 Half Moon Court London EC1A 7HF
Saturday 8.00am - 2.00pm
Stamford Hill Group Practice
2 Egerton Road London N16 6UA
Sunday 2.00pm - 8.00pm

The Lea Surgery is a local hub for extended opening hours. You can book appointments with the GP on both Saturday and Sunday at the Lea Surgery itself during the week. You can also book appointments with the healthcare assistant over the weekend.  We also offer telephone consultations with the nurse practitioner 4 days a week from 18.30 - 19.30.  

Please note that we can only book weekend appointments at the surgery up to 18.30 on Friday evening. After that, all weekend appointments can only be booked via NHS 111. This is part of our contract and we have no choice in this matter. 


What can I expect at a consultation with a GP?

One of the added benefits of the primary care extended access service is that the GP will have access to view your medical record during your visit to the primary care access centre. Having access to view your medical record means that the clinician will have a greater understanding of your medical history and health needs and can then choose the treatment that is right for you. The clinician will ask you for your consent before accessing your medical record.

Using this service will not affect your registration at your usual GP practice.


Who will have access to my medical record?

Once you have consented, only authorised staff within the service will have access to view your medical record. Clinicians can only review your medical record if you have given your expressed consent. If you do not consent then the GP will not be able to continue the consultation. Your medical information will be treated with the strictest of confidentiality.  All City and Hackney GP practices have agreed to sign up to a data sharing agreement which sets out what information will be shared, how and when.


What if I don’t want my medical records to be shared?

If you don’t want your medical records to be viewed then you will need to tell the receptionist or GP at your own practice when they are booking the appointment. They will then offer you an appointment at your own GP practice.


Your views and feedback about the primary care extended access service.

At the end of the consultation with the GP you will be asked to complete a patient experience survey. Your views and feedback are important and will help us to make improvements.


Tests and referrals

The GP’s in these centres will send any requests for tests and referrals back to your own GP practice to action – in a small number of cases your own GP practice might recommend a different management plan to the extended access GP.