Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking with the Lea Surgery

We offer a FREE smoking cessation programme (see below) at the practice and have had an excellent success rate. If you would like to stop smoking we can help you every step of the way, providing one to one counselling and support and NHS prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapies as well as the new Champix tablet.

Simply let us know if you would like to take part. This can be:

  • via our online form
  • Pop into the surgery and speak to the receptionist or mention it to the doctors or nurses at your next consultation
  • Phone us on 020 8986 3106
  • Text us with name and date of birth

Image of patient Quitting Smoking


The Practice Smoking Cessation Programme Details

At the First Consultation

  • The patient is assessed for motivation and addiction
  • Given a personal planner to enable them to record and monitor their goals and achievements and hopefully continuing success
  • The Smoke-Stop Advisor will recommend to the patient the type of nicotine replacement therapy advised
  • The patient is requested to set a 'Quit Date'
  • An action is plan is discussed and the patient requested to finalise the details to suit their needs
  • If the patient is ready to quit a prescription is generated for the recommended NRT
  • Follow-up appointment is made for either 1 or 2 weeks according to the individual requirement.

At the second consultation

  • If the patient has been successful in quitting, ongoing help and support is offered and a further NRT prescription issued
  • If the patient has not been successful, a discussion is entered into with the Smoke-Stop Advisor as to the reasons for this and a further action plan is formulated.

At all further consultations

  • For successful patients, ongoing help and support for approximately six week or longer if the individual requires it.
  • The NRT would be gradually reduced over a period of six to eight weeks according to the individual need, and then stopped completely at the end of the course. They are then discharged from further attendance at the Smoke-Stop Clinic unless they relapse, in which case they would be offered further support.
  • For unsuccessful patients the Advisor would either change the type of NRT or continue with the original but offer more regular appointments for support, or:
  • Advise the patient that it would probably be in their best interests to take more time to prepare themselves and then return to the surgery to be re-assessed and to try again.
  • If you lapse, do not worry, you can restart the cessation programme.

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